Beauty Overcoming Fear

I wrote “Beauty Overcoming Fear” to write about my daily struggles with fear after completing two back-to-back deployments a couple years before I retired. My last deployment ended in September 2006, which speaks to the longevity of the suffering. This is about my battle with daily #fear and #ptsd; however, I am hoping to reach other #veterans to let them know that they are not alone; there is hope. Our lives will never be what they once were, but we can, and must, adjust to our new normals and live the life we make for ourselves as fully as we can. To my fellow brother and sister #veterans, please know that you’re not alone. #writer #blogger

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When you look at the photo of me pedaling along my favorite trail, a 10 mile trail that encompasses more nature than populated areas – fear is likely the last thought to come to mind. Why would anyone think of fear when you become one with nature, which is what we see happening in the photo? Fear. I’ll get to that, in time, but in the meantime, I want to tell you more about this trail and all the beautiful and wonderful moments it has to offer. Thoreau would have fallen in love with this area, as I try so hard to do. This is a nature lover’s geographic locale dream.

There is a paved trail and an unpaved trail. The unpaved trail is used by runners. The two trails are separated by a creek and both trails run along heavily wooded areas for most of the 10 miles. The…

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