Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart by michal boubinArt by Michal Boubin.

today you destroyed me; my laughter ceased.
i felt the pain driven deep within my heart,
as you lashed out against me in a furious rage.
i stood before you rendered powerless,
struck by your ardent emotional outburst.
your words, like daggers – were stabbing, were slashing;
tearing violently through my flesh.

the ebbing beat within my chest echoed,
quickened and thundered in my head.
my heart erupted, splitting in two,
giving birth to my crucifier.
hands sprang up within my throat – choking;
my eyes plead for mercy.
elusion flashed through the madness of my mind as I willed the strength to flee.

your choleric eyes penetrated my soul as if you desired to attain my end. my crucifier grasped the roots of all my nerves, my limbs numbed, my body trembled.
you moved away from all that remained of me with impetuous haste,
taking my spirit, leaving me lifeless. as your footsteps echoed in my head,
i slumped to my knees, and as my heart bled, i moved closer to death.

By D.B. Moone

Note: When I first began to write as I child, I wrote poetry as a means to speak of my unstable home life. As I grew up, I transitioned to writing fiction and nonfiction, but I have always remained a poet at heart. I would not have had the courage to share this earlier poem if it were not for Carolyn Avalani who understands the vulnerability of sharing words formed in our hearts and minds before dropping them on a page before us to be strung together to become a poem, which is a piece of us. I had a short exchange with Carolyn about this, and she said, “I believe in you.” It’s because of Carolyn’s belief in me that I decided to go way back in time, at least three decades ago, to when I first penned Bleeding Heart, to allow myself to feel vulnerable by sharing Bleeding Heart with you today.

On an aside, Carolyn Avalani also known as Carolyn Riker ( is an incredibly artistic published poet. Please take some time to check her poetry out at Carolyn Riker on Facebook.

Thank you, Carolyn!



7 thoughts on “Bleeding Heart

    • Carolyn, my life is richer for the influence you have had on me and my writing journey, and your encouragement to be vulnerable. I have been stuck, although I have two books in the making, but I have realized, because of you, that it was necessary for me to return to my beginning scribblings in order to move forward with my current writing. Thank you for showing me this through your writings that have been speaking to me for more than two years.

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