I am an English major with a lifelong hunger for writing. I have more than 35 years of professional writing experience. I had a weekly Q&A column in the Hawaii Navy News (2000-2001) and was later the senior editor and writer of two professional newsletters.

I began writing as a child, and I write in several genres. I have manuscripts that are incomplete due to professional responsibilities, but since retiring, I have dusted off my manuscripts, started a blog (dbmoone.com) and built a Twitter following of over 4,000 fellow writers, readers, agents, publishers, etc.. I also began two fresh manuscripts last year that I am excited about.

I recently removed my ‘D.B. Moone’ FB page due to the timeliness of maintaining my reading, writing, blogging, beta reading, writing book reviews, and maintaining my Twitter account (@dbmoone). My blog has been neglected due to my absence as the result of two surgeries (2016 and 2017), but I am back to work and working hard to catch-up with all of my endeavors listed above. I will be adding more of my writings and eventually I anticipate having occasional guest posts from published authors, editors, and agents.

I am interested in some limited beta reading, as time permits. If you are looking for the occasional beta reader, please contact me at inkpen2010@gmail.com.

I invite you to come along and experience my growth as I grow, and I look forward to our interactions.

D.B. Moone (Donna)


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