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A Glimpse into the Next Four Fascinating Book Reviews to be Previewed Here

Ernest Hemingway: Artifacts From a Life by Michael Katakis Publisher: Scribner of Simon and Schuster Biographies & Memoirs – Publication Date: 23 Oct 2018 Publisher’s Book Description: “Beautifully designed, intimate and illuminating, this is the story of American icon Ernest Hemingway’s life through the documents, photographs, and miscellany he kept, compiled by the steward of the…

My Dilemma: To Review or Not Review

Yesterday I posted a poll on my Facebook page @dbmoonespage, which is a new page and not getting the traffic I hope to gain with time and perseverance. The survey was asking book reviewers and writers if I should go forward with reading and reviewing a book or to contact the British publisher and first-time…


  A writer of romance and dramatic novels and literary fiction, Barbara Delinsky is the author of twenty-two New York Times Bestsellers, as well as the book UPLIFT: SECRETS FROM THE SISTERHOOD OF BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS, a self-help book. Delinsky now brings us BEFORE AND AGAIN, scheduled for release June 26, 2018, by St. Martin’s…

Book Review: This I Know: A Novel

“I’m afraid, I think to him.”
“It’ll be okay, he thinks back”.
“I don’t want to leave you.”
“I’m right behind you.”
“What if the door closes?”
“It won’t.” – Issac & Gracie from their mother’s womb in “This I Know”.


  THE BONE CURSE by Carrie Rubin is a medical thriller intermixed with the paranormal. The protagonist, Benjamin Oris, a third-year medical student in Philadelphia gets the opportunity to go to Paris with his Haitian friend Laurette, a public health student after Laurette’s brother backs out of going with her at the last minute. While visiting…