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This book is dedicated to the Hubble Space Telescope, which opened the universe to me. It is also dedicated to the teachers who did not believe a fifth-grade girl could speak knowledgeably about the Hubble Space Telescope. You Remain embarrassingly wrong. – Light From Other Stars Book Dedication

Book Review: This I Know: A Novel

“I’m afraid, I think to him.”
“It’ll be okay, he thinks back”.
“I don’t want to leave you.”
“I’m right behind you.”
“What if the door closes?”
“It won’t.” – Issac & Gracie from their mother’s womb in “This I Know”.

Beauty Overcoming Fear

When you look at the photo of me pedaling along my favorite trail, a 10-mile trail that encompasses more nature than populated areas – fear is likely the last thought to come to mind. Why would anyone think of panic when you become one with nature, which is what we see happening in the photo?…

The Truth About Writer’s Block

A few days ago I tweeted, “Writer’s block is a time we are present to manage life’s demands – becoming stuck therein is altogether something else.” My tweet was calculated, as I’ve heard others, of the writing kind, complain of having writer’s block, or I have repeatedly read how other writer’s had found themselves waring…