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“This is the very reason that some lives end seemingly early and by their own hands because Mother Nature doesn’t understand that a personage can out-age a body. It is the reason that someone unwell can look so very vibrant on the outside, giving no indication that death lurks around the corner. Souls saturated in sickness, negativity, and ill-thoughts cannot weather the years well.”

Book Review: This I Know: A Novel

“I’m afraid, I think to him.”
“It’ll be okay, he thinks back”.
“I don’t want to leave you.”
“I’m right behind you.”
“What if the door closes?”
“It won’t.” – Issac & Gracie from their mother’s womb in “This I Know”.

Life Begins Anew

During the last several weeks, I have had an insurmountable amount of time to reflect on people, events, things past, and things yet to come, but especially my here and now. I wasn’t sure if I was ready, or if I even wanted to return home yesterday; however, when we drove into the garage, unpacked…