Soul Connection

  What was your question? Was I supposed to ask a specific question? You were waiting for my answer. Are you trying to make me crazy? Trying? Are we on different pages? Anything is possible, but I don’t believe we are. You are different than others, in the unique sense of different. Are you finally … More Soul Connection

Bleeding Heart

Art by Michal Boubin. today you destroyed me; my laughter ceased. i felt the pain driven deep within my heart, as you lashed out against me in a furious rage. i stood before you rendered powerless, struck by your ardent emotional outburst. your words, like daggers – were stabbing, were slashing; tearing violently through my … More Bleeding Heart

The Nuances of Twitter

Originally posted on A Writer Writing:
Please Don’t do that! Please don’t drop your head into the palm of your hand and moan, “Oh gawd, please not another one!” because of this, I promise you, is not ‘just’ another one. I’ve been making mental notes about the activity that I have found disspiriting regarding Twitter for…